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Studio Policies + FAQs

We don’t have strict policies, per say, but we do have a few tips for students and guidelines that help keep our studio clean, warm and welcoming. It’s our goal to provide a safe and supportive space for all our yogis, so feel free to familiarize yourself with the tips and FAQS before stepping on the mat.


Policies + Student Tips

Check the website. Schedules, class descriptions and up-to-date info can always be found here, so peek around.

Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We’ll post any last-minute schedule updates there.

Choose the class that’s right for you. Check out our descriptions here if you need some help determining where to start.

Arrive 10-15 minutes early for your class. We respect everyone’s practice. That means respecting their time and doing our best to minimize distractions once class starts, therefore, we don’t allow late admittance. This also allows you time to settle in and mentally prep yourself for class.

Check in at the front desk. We mostly like to say hi, but this also helps us stay organized. If you’re new, create an account online or bring your new student registration form so we can check that, too.

Don’t eat before class. Best if you avoid food 2-3 hours prior, in fact. But if you’re hungry, go for a light snack like fruit or nuts.

Avoid wearing oils or strong scents. Some people can be sensitive to perfumes, and this policy helps make our classes pleasant for everyone.

Remove your shoes before entering the studio. This helps us keep thing clean, and more importantly, helps preserves the sacred nature of our studio space. Shoe shelves can be found in the lobby, and cubbies are available for other personal items inside the studio.

No cell phones. As we may have mentioned, we try to hold each and every practice sacred. Limiting distractions allows us to keep classes quiet, respectful and introspective.

Notify your teacher of any injuries or medical conditions. This helps us know how to assist you during practice, and allows us to suggest proper modifications.


How do I sign up for a class? Just come on in, or you have the option to also book your class online.

Where do I park? Parking is available outside our studio, but please note that historic St. Charles does host a number of events that can make parking a challenge. It helps to allow a bit of extra time to find parking, especially on those event days.

What do I wear? Any comfortable workout clothes will do, like shorts, t-shirts, tanks and leggings. Layers can help you adjust for temperature changes or cozy in for Savasana.

Do I need a yoga mat? Having your own mat is recommended. It supports your commitment to your practice and ensures cleanliness, but we do offer mats for rental and sale.

Are kids allowed? At this time, BlueBird Yoga only offers classes for ages 14 and up. We do not currently provide childcare or allow people to wait in our lobby during class.

Do you offer private lessons? We do! And we love teaching them. We offer options, including group, individual or corporate classes. Contact us for more details, and so we can tailor a custom class for you.