What We Stand (and Stretch and Bend) For

Have you ever found something you loved so much that you just couldn’t stop yourself from talking about it?

Yeah, we feel you. And we kind of feel that way about yoga. It’s awesome. It’s transformational, and it can take you to places that are nothing short of sacred. But we know that’s a lot to take in.

So, don’t worry, let us be your guide.

It’s our mission to open up that world to you. To take you on a deep and transformative journey at whatever pace feels right. Our teaching is bold. Our methods are refreshing, and the end game is classes taught in a way that are accessible, open and enlightening for everyone—regardless of where you are on your path to practice.

Sound a little deep? Maybe, but something tells us you’re ready to dive in. Start here, in a safe nest of exploration, guided by teachers that are intrepid and inspiring—and find classes that leave you feeling motivated, invigorated and seriously impressed with yourself when you walk out the door. 

Our Family
We sweat, stretch + seriously like each other … Birds of a feather, ya know?


Ellen Niedringhaus
Teacher + Mama Bird
500 RYT + Yogahour + certified Yogahour Teacher Trainer

Ellen has been a student of yoga since her transformative first class in 2003. A teacher for over 10 years, she has co-owned BlueBird Yoga since its opening in 2011. Practice plays a significant role in her life—on many levels. It is her joy and honor to share what she knows, to offer what she’s learned, and to grow alongside this amazing community. When she’s not busting a move on her mat, she’s playing with her kids, dating her husband, and generally raising hell. 



Sarah Edwards
Teacher + Mama Bird
500 RYT + Yogahour

Sarah has a passion for how the body moves in big and subtle ways. It’s a curiosity she’s honed since … well, forever. It led her to study massage therapy and yoga, and eventually become a partner at BlueBird Yoga. Her goal is to provide relatable instruction and intelligent sequencing that brings awareness to parts of yourself you may forgotten or didn’t even know existed. Through breath and poses, she continues to learn, heal, and grow, helping students find strength, flexibility or the ability to relax, to endure, to play, or simply learn how to sit with what is at hand and be patient. Yoga helps her feel unstuck, empowered and inspired. That is why she chooses to teach; to share its endless benefits. Speaking of, did you know that your heart and lungs are connected by a tendon and ligament? That means each time you take a breath you are massaging your heart. Inhale, exhale. How cool is that?


Erin Cavedine
200 E-RYT, 500 RYT + Yogahour

Erin started practicing yoga with a DVD at home. When BlueBird Yoga opened in 2011, she began practicing at the studio, and immediately fell in love with all yoga had to offer her mind and body. From that point, there was no turning back. Since 2012 she has completed two 200-hour yoga teacher trainings and recently her 300-hr certification with Sam Rice. She aims to share the benefits of her practice and create space for students to explore and receive the benefits of their own practice. When she's not at the studio or spending time with her husband and daughter you'll find her outside in the sunshine gardening, reading or enjoying live music.


Dusty Stroh

500 RYT + Yogahour

Dusty got her start in yoga early—literally—by getting up at 5 a.m. to watch the show “Inhale” on the Oxygen Network with Steve Ross. One episode of his funky playlist, dry humor, and love for all levels, and she was hooked. BlueBird Yoga became her home studio and the place where she received her 200-hour teacher training. She has about five years of experience, and in her classes, you can expect a focus on building a foundation, key actions in the body, playfulness, and a well-curated playlist. A St. Charles native, and lover of tacos and chocolate, Dusty played goalie for her high school varsity ice hockey team.


Shannon Wheeler
200 RYT

Shannon spends her days with her kids—a beautiful blessing and challenge all at once. When she’s not running around with them, she loves to practice watercolor and write. Her yoga practice has taught her to utilize her breath—whether she’s in a handstand, trying to handle a kid tantrum, or just attempting to relax with her husband at the end of a long day. Authenticity and honesty feed her soul and she tries to keep that at the forefront of her classes. She continues to learn to teach from her own experiences. Shannon’s goal is to help students express each pose as their very own—like a memorized recipe, but adjusted each time to meet whatever the need is in that moment (like a little zucchini in a chocolate chip cookie … yep, you read that right. And you know you want to try it). 


Kristen Rhodes

200 RYT + Yogahour

Kristen believes that yoga is about both strength and flexibility, and navigating the juxtaposition of those two ideas is at the core of her love and philosophy for practice; whether it's the physical postures, breathing through meditation, or allowing her convictions to grow and change as she learns more about yoga and her relationship to it. In some ways, yoga feels just as challenging to her today as it was in the beginning when she thought she needed longer arms before she'd ever be able to touch her toes! To Kristen, it’s in the struggles that she finds something worth teaching. 


Emily Capelli
500 RYT + Yogahour

Emily always thought yoga was a lot of fun and initially that's what got her rolling out her mat. Over time, she noticed her life improving; how her body feels, the way she interacts with others, and even in the words she uses towards herself. Emily’s goal is to teach a class that is fun and energetic, challenging yet accessible. She wants to help her students discover that they’re stronger than they realize. In her free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, hiking with her dog, and watching reruns of The Golden Girls (Who doesn’t love Betty White!?!). 

Johanna .jpg

Johanna Burke
500 RYT + Yogahour

Johanna started practicing yoga to relieve stress, but it became so much more. She became a teacher to bring to others what yoga gave her—self-confidence and a physical and mental strength that she didn’t realize was there. In her classes, you’ll work hard and get a nice, long savasana. Naturally quiet, teaching brings out a playful side in Johanna where she loves to laugh and have fun. When she’s not teaching, you can find her with her nose in a book or writing. She loves to spend time with her pup, Molly, and her family.


Rick Dvorak
200 RYT + Yogahour

Bio coming soon


Lindsay Mooney
200 RYT + Kids Yoga +Yogahour

A lover of backbends with a penchant for a sweaty barefoot boot camp, Lindsay’s yoga practice has always given her a sense of something greater. Her inspiration for teaching comes from a tremendous investment in her student’s growth and a knack for an alignment focused class. The BlueBird community fulfills her physically, mentally and spiritually. You can find Lindsay hiking, jamming to live music, or rocking Wild Thing at BlueBird.


Ashley Campise
200 RYT + Yogahour

Ashley’s passion for connecting movement to breath and strength to stretch inspire her practice. Her instruction emphasizes the different ways to engage muscle groups to learn new postures. Aside from taking or teaching a badass class, you’ll find Ashley hanging with friends and family or walking her Frenchy while enjoying a deep breath in the fresh air. This St. Charles native loves calling the warm and welcoming BlueBird nest home.

kelsey (1).jpg

Kelsey Peterson
200 RYT + Kids Yoga + Trauma Informed Yoga

Kelsey first came to yoga as a way to cross-train in her career as a dancer, but it quickly became a form of moving prayer and a pathway to inner transformation. In addition to her yoga certifications, Kelsey holds masters degrees in dance and divinity. Her work outside the studio is as a minister in the United Church of Christ where she serves as the Dancing Pastor, offering movement and ministry to various churches. Kelsey strives to always create an inclusive environment where people feel safe, seen, and loved. Her approach to teaching is to keep people breathing and laughing, while placing an emphasis on anatomical alignment. She believes that how we do yoga is how we do life: the more we practice moving through fear, breathing through challenges, and loving ourselves in process on the mat, the more we can do those things beyond our mat.