We hold the tenets of Yoga sacred, but never over your head. Let’s start a journey together.


Take your practice somewhere unexpected

Somewhere you never thought you could go, no matter where you started, or where you stand. Find teaching that is bold. Methods that are refreshing, and classes that leave you seriously impressed with yourself when you walk out the door. 


Trainings + Events

“If you are looking for a yoga studio where the instructors are caring and knowledgeable and the atmosphere of the studio is a warm and welcoming safe haven, look no further than BlueBird Yoga. Emphasis is placed on proper alignment, modifications, and healthy poses. Practicing at BlueBird improves my flexibility, balance and strength.”


Honor Your Practice

Start here in a safe nest of exploration, guided by teachers that are intrepid and inspiring—and find classes that leave you feeling motivated, invigorated and seriously impressed with yourself when you walk out the door.

Interested in yoga but not sure where to start? We know starting something new can be a little weird.